Red Light Therapy Treatment Packages

Incorporating red light therapy into a comprehensive chiropractic care regimen has demonstrated its effectiveness in managing pain for a multitude of patients. By utilizing a focused light spectrum, red light therapy assists in reducing inflammation, promoting nerve regeneration, and expediting the recovery process for those who are dealing with injuries or chronic pain.


  • NASA technology
  • FDA approved Class II medical device
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Effects are felt immediately and are cumulative
  • Portable (size of a microphone) and rechargeable
  • Can be used daily for pain, inflammation, scar tissue, mobility
  • Safe for use by the whole family AND pets!
  • NO side effects
  • Safe for eyes (no goggles needed)
  • Pain is indicative of not enough cells and/or energy to heal tissue damage. This device can be used 10-20min DAILY for chronic pain.

FDA approved Class II Perfectio treatment packages

McCarthy Chiropractic Inc specializes in red light therapy treatment packages for chronic pain, injury recovery, scar tissue, mobility, and more. Dr McCarthy works with you to determine a treatment plan tailored to your needs, combining Perfectio red light devices, chiropractic care, therapeutic exercises, myofascial release, and other supportive resources. The type of Package depends on the complexity of your case and modalities appropriate to your condition.

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How It Works / Research

While plants use light for photosynthesis, humans have a similar process called photo biostimulation, wherein cells produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the fuel that powers life at a cellular level. In red light therapy (aka low level laser therapy/LLLT), red and infrared light emitting diodes stimulate photoacceptors in cell mitochondria, which convert the photons into ATP. This boost of energy increases the circulation and oxygenation in blood vessels; increases cell turnover, collagen and elastin production; micro-repairs tissue damage; and decreases inflammation. Clinically, this is demonstrated by improvement of pain, tissue function, mobility, and scarring. Four types of light wavelengths penetrate 3mm deep, through all 3 layers of skin (epidermis, dermis, hypodermis), reaching joints and muscle. Patented glass head (PerfectioX only) allows for use with creams & serums, and ensures deeper penetration of topical agents. Topical creams travel 0.5-1mm deep on their own; PerfectioX pushes them to 3mm, increasing therapeutic effects.

Research articles:


  • Active cancers: Patient should be 2 years cancer free to safely use this device
  • Open wounds: Only use on unbroken skin
  • Pregnancy: While red light therapy has no adverse side effects, there are no research studies exploring the safety of red light therapy in pregnant people