Meet the Doctor

Dr. Cheyenne McCarthy


Dr. McCarthy is the proud owner of McCarthy Chiropractic, which opened its doors on March 11, 2022. She obtained her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic West, graduating as Valedictorian in 2021.

In preparation for her degree, she completed a six-month VA chiropractic clerkship in Des Moines Central Iowa Health Care System.

Since then, Dr. McCarthy has developed skills in pregnancy and prenatal chiropractic, to serve a larger patient population. She uses evidence-informed techniques and active movement strategies to empower patients in their healthcare journey. She is currently in the Animal Chiropractic Program at Parker University studying techniques to care for your furry friends, too!

She aims to be an inclusive, compassionate provider, with ample experience adapting treatment for patients with mobility issues, physical disabilities, personal trauma, PTSD, and other sensitivities.

A lifelong Fallbrook resident and Chamber of Commerce member, she loves the Friendly Village and its unique neighborly feel. Her longtime volunteerism with combat veterans at VFW Post 1924 inspired her to pursue chiropractic, to help patients resolve pain and immobility without drugs or surgery.

Previously, she worked in the brewing industry and as a substitute teacher for special education. In her free time, Dr McCarthy also advocates for the chiropractic profession by attending annual conferences, volunteering for chiropractic associations, and lobbying on Capitol Hill for legislative change.

What’s with the bees?

A few reasons… bees are Dr. McCarthy’s favorite animal because they are industrious ladies who get stuff done!

Due to their physiological structure, bees should not be capable of flight, but they fly anyway! Honeybees are the only insect that produces a product (honey) directly consumed by humans, and honey has healing antibacterial properties. More importantly, every third bite of our food exists thanks to bees’ pollination efforts – without them, we’d starve!

Learn more about bees, the threat to their populations, and how you can help at Bees are our friends and allies, and to Dr. McCarthy, they’re awesome lil’ buddies; she always keeps a honey packet in case a stranded bee needs a boost before returning to the hive.

It’s why McCarthy Chiropractic Inc encourages you to BEE WELL!